HB4 LED Light Bulb Conversion Kit (9006/ FOG)

HB4 LED Light Bulb Conversion Kit (9006/ FOG)

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These are our top quality LED replacement light bulbs, supplied in pairs and are a great plug and play replacement for your standard halogen bulbs. A great alternative to traditional xenon units as these do not require additional wiring or ballast packs. Please see below for the features.

* HB4/9006 Fog Fitment 

* Top quality with 12 month guarantee 

* Fantastic light output and good gains in distance

* CANBUS error free in 97% of models

* Cooling fan built into the unit 

* Super bright COB chips with 2 surface light

* Flicker free and no warm up time required

* Low power usage and pure white light


Fitting of these upgraded bulbs is simple and straight forward, just follow these easy steps

1. Remove the cap from the rear of the headlamp

2. Locate the bulb and unplug the current bulb

3. Next remove your current bulb

4. Fit you new LED bulb into the lamp, taking note that it is sitting correctly (remember not to touch the bulb surface)

5. Clip the new bulb into place (this can be a little tricky due to the size of the new bulb)

6. Plug the LED bulb wiring loom into your vehicle plug and tuck the wiring safe

7. Refit the backing cap (if fitted) and test (follow same procedure for the other lamp)


We are always here for help and advice, if in doubt please seek the advice of a qualified fitter.

*in some vehicles these bulbs may be classed as not road legal, so please check.