Soft 99 King Of Gloss Wax Light

Soft 99 King Of Gloss Wax Light

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Imported directly from Japan the King of Gloss which creates a thick, heavy gloss coating of synthetic resin that coats your car and gives it the great gloss look of transparent nail polish

This Light Version is developed for lighter vehicles (e.g white, silver, light grey etc). Dark version also available.

So if you are looking for maximum gloss, combined with strong durability and great value then this is a great place to start.


  1. Safely wash car bodywork in your normal method and throughly dry.
  2. Apply small amount of product with the sponge included and spread it as even as possible in circular motion
  3. Allow it to dry for at least 10-15minutes (weather conditions apply). Recommend doing a panel at a time.
  4. Use a quality microfibre to wipe of residue, flip towel if necessary in between process.
  5. Allow 24 hours before washing

Supplied in 300g tin with applicator sponge.