Pair White & Yellow USA Style Pressed Plate

Pair White & Yellow USA Style Pressed Plate

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This is our USA style pair of plates, one white and ne yellow plate. The size is 300mm x 150mm. This plate is produced in a similar way to our other plates by stamping the desired characters into the plate and then applying the letter colour by running it though a hot foil process at 200 degrees celsius. 

We are the only company in the UK to offer this style of plates. This plate is not legal for UK road use and are sold for show use or memorabilia. 

Ideal for show use, bedrooms, garages, radio flyers etc...

We can fit a maximum of 8 characters on one plate with no space.

*Please remember to add your plate details in the order section. 

*Please note this plate is supplied without a black border as standard, if you want the border coloured black you must add this to your order when ordering,